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As we light up the barbie this Christmas and celebrate summer at the beach with our loved ones, harmless marine animals will be dying because of barbaric government shark culling programs. 

Hidden out of sight at many of our beaches are shark nets and hooks that kill hundreds of precious animals each year. These cruel and outdated technologies threaten not only sharks; but whales, dolphins, turtles and rays too.

We need YOU to help stop these atrocities. Without critical funding, Sea Shepherd cannot continue vital work for the ocean and threatened marine life. Act now – give a Christmas gift today.

The Problem

Shark nets and drumlines kill vulnerable animals that are critical for ocean health and ultimately, our survival on this planet.

To make matters worse, there is no scientific evidence that they do anything for beach safety. All they provide is a false sense of safety.

Beautiful threatened species like scalloped hammerheads, grey nurse sharks, dugongs and leatherback turtles are all regularly killed by this program. Whales also become entangled where they slowly drown, often left alone for many hours before anyone even knows of their life-threatening struggle. This year, six whales were caught in Queensland’s shark control equipment. One young whale had to be released with the hook and chain still lodged in its flesh.

The Solution

This holiday season, YOU can help save whales, dolphins, turtles, rays and sharks. Ending shark culling in Australia is critical and achievable. There are modern, effective solutions available to protect people and marine life. 

Australia’s coastlines are rife with majestic marine animals – animals that deserve to live their lives free from the threat of murderous, outdated shark nets and drumlines.

Together, we have shut down whaling in international waters and with your help, we can keep the ocean healthy so it can be enjoyed every summer.

This is just one example of  how Sea Shepherd is protecting marine life.

Without generous support from people like you, we cannot continue our vital work for the ocean and threatened marine life.

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Thank you for being part of the Sea Shepherd movement! Together, we can save marine life.